Why did I make this blog?

Hi everybody. I decided to make this blog because I started paying attention to the actual contents of our food, and I was shocked.

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Some of the things that people consume these days more closely resembles poison than food. I’ve noticed a growing undercurrent of people that have also realized this. Some people are turning to “raw” food, veganism, fasting, paleo, liquid diets, etc. It seems like we’ve started rebelling in a way and asking “why in the world am I eating this?” For some, it stops there.

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For others, we want to take it all the way back – to when humans first roamed the earth and consumed what mother nature provided for them. These foods are: wild game, fish, nuts, berries, and possibly an occasional fruit. If you didn’t hunt it, kill it, pick it, find it, or gather it – you should not eat it.

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Eating natural, one ingredient foods is hard enough – depending upon where you live, but we must now try to dodge GMO foods. They look, smell, and taste like the real thing, but what are they doing to us at a cellular level? If you are following the S.A.D. (Standard American Diet), you may think you are consuming healthy foods – until the day you develop a disease or sickness out of the blue. If you are exercising right and eating “healthy”, why do you have diabetes? Heart disease? Tire easily? Can’t sleep? Cancer? Why do most people seem to have these afflictions today? Even children? It must be something common. Something that most people are eating and/or drinking. Most people drink milk everyday. Most people eat some form of bread, pasta, seasoning, or grain everyday. For most people, the majority of their meals or ingredients come from a package or can. These are not natural foods. Even if you are making your meals from “scratch”…look at the containers your ingredients came in. Did you pick a magical pie crust from the pie crust tree? Did you drive out to a forest and forage for berries and nuts that went into that butter/sugar/flour-laden pie? Nope? Then you might as well have just purchased a boxed pie from your local grocery store.


Years ago, I used to buy $250ish in groceries every friday. I bought the same things every week: bags of chips, dip, lots of ground beef, chicken, franks, cheese, condiments, salad dressing, snack cakes, ice cream, several large frozen pizzas, frozen fries, 2-3 gallons of milk, 2-4 boxes of cereal, pop-tarts, pudding, juices, tea, sodas, sugar, flour, vegetable oil, and the list goes on. I thought we were doing good…I made a “well-rounded” meal for dinner that consisted of meat, pasta, vegetables, fruit, and dessert afterwards. I never thought twice about any of it. I had zero health issues and was fit. My family was healthy…except for a bad “cold” once in awhile. That all changed. My father had a heart attack in his 40’s, my young husband came back from the doctor one day with a bad cholesterol reading, I started fainting and my doctor said I was severely anemic (she wanted me to go to the hospital right then!). It hit me like a brick wall. What the heck were we doing? I have to change our diet. We needed to start eating healthy. So it began…

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I did what I thought was the right thing (according to S.A.D. guidelines). I tossed out all of the soda, salt, sugar, etc. I went to the store and loaded up on “healthy” foods and snacks: whole grain bread, whole grain noodles, whole grain cereal, 3 gallons of 2% milk fortified with vitamin D, soy milk, etc. My husband’s cholesterol went back to good and that’s it. My problems seemed to worsen and even multiply. Years later, my husband said he read somewhere that some people are allergic to or have problems with flour and wheat products. I thought he was silly, but I looked into it. Yep. I was having the symptoms of gluten intolerance. I was trying to become healthy by eating nothing but products that were processed and overloading my system to the breaking point. I was actually harming myself and my family! By reading up on that issue, I came across many other interesting articles and reports that were linked to it. Things regarding hormones and soy, why milk is a problem, how toxic food coloring is…. all of the things that are in the S.A.D. that we are suppose to consume to be healthy. I had a major epiphany. All of the science and proof is there. I stopped buying dairy products, wheat/flour products, and I’m trying to get the rest of our diet as close to what our original ancestors would have eaten. That’s where I’m at now…

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At this point, I am envious at the people who have already changed their diets and lifestyle. I know they are looking at my grocery cart and shaking their heads. Hopefully, if they were once on the S.A.D., they can remember how it felt to discover that they were on the wrong path all along too. I feel bad now when I have to go to the store and I see people walking around like brainwashed zombies, filling their baskets with all kinds of crud that is making them sad, over-weight, miserable, and sick.  I want to go up to them and enlighten them, but I know it’s futile. Who would believe me over the big ole FDA and a sea of super-smart “health” experts? I wouldn’t have believed me either. I guess people have to wake up, whenever they are ready to.

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