Why I love HEB

MyHEB  hebbb

HEB Grocery owns serveral brands: H-E-B, Central Market(similar to Whole Foods), Hill Country Fare (HCF), Hill Country Essentials, EconoMax, H-E-Buddy, and the new store Joe V’s Smart Shop in Houston. Their food is sourced & manufactured locally (Texas & Mexico).  Some HEB Plus stores have: car washes, health food section (with raw nuts, seeds, herbs, organic products, etc), gas stations, “Backyard” (plants, chairs, BBQ pits, etc), electronics, bookstore, baby dept, deli, coffee shops, and a new one in San Antonio even has an auto repair shop! HEB is just freakin awesome! Their prices, products, & quality beat out almost all competitors.

In 1905, Florence B. opened the C.C.B Grocery Store in Kerrville, TX. She invests $60 in the business to get started. In 1920 Florence’s youngest son, Howard E.B. takes over the business.

HEB Unsweetened applesauce (apples are naturally sweet):


Compare it to Mott’s Applesauce which adds high fructose corn syrup:


HEB frozen veggies (they have a variety of these):

veggies2 veggies

HEB’s Central Market fresh baby spinach. I always freeze it (hence the condensation went I took it out to take a photo). By freezing it, it lasts as long as you need it to, you can grab a handful and crumble little pieces into any broth, soup, salad, eggs, etc.


Some HEB stores carry HEB’s very inexpensive brand called Economax. I paid $0.68 for this bag of veggies:

vegi vegi2

Kale provides us with soooo many nutrients it’s amazing! I freeze Kale & crumble it into eggs, onto meat, etc…just like spinach:

kale kale2

HEB has a variety of natural eggs. This is the one that I usually buy:


I love mushrooms! I like buying this product at HEB – you guessed it….I put it in the freezer so they last forever. Heat up some mushrooms & avocado, serve it with eggs or beef…yum! If you want diced mushrooms…I strongly suggest you chop them before you freeze them. It’s darn near impossible to cut these suckers when they are frozen! Same with whole ones.



2 Comments on Why I love HEB

  1. Did you see the economax products at a regular H-E-B? I’ve only ever seen them at Joe V’s.


  2. Yes, I’ve found them at several HEB stores. They are in the freezer section next to the frozen corn, fruit, etc. They are sometimes on the bottom or hard to find. The most recent HEB that I found Economax products in was in Mexia. I think the Plus store on 35 in Waco has them too. I don’t stick with any particular HEB, since I travel all over Texas for my day job. I just stop once or twice a week at whatever HEB I happen to be nearest to.

    Side note – Joe V’s is AWESOME! The last time I went my cart was 75% meat! They have a pretty good produce section too. It seemed like their frozen bags of veggies were about the same price as they are at HEB though.


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