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How to make ice cream in a coffee can

No ice cream maker? No problem! You can make ice cream in a tin can, a jar, or even a ziploc baggie.


tincan6 coffee-can-icecream

Coffee Can Ice Cream How To:

http://theysayitsmylife.blogspot.com/2012/09/tin-can-ice-cream.html (step by step pix)




Jar Ice Cream How To:

http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-save-your-sanity-with-single-serving-coffee/?ALLSTEPS (lots of pix)

Ziploc Bag Ice Cream How To:



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DIY Homemade Swimming Pool Gallery

Looking for an interesting, creative, or economical way to make your own swimming pool? Here are some ideas:

images (36) duckpond tanktemporarydisplacement01IMG_0095 SONY DSC DSC00001-copy-720x480 pond15DSC00030-copy-720x480

livestock water trough: 629_059

4×4 lumber pool:WOES2009070631@@@false@@@en

trash dumpster: recycled-urban-swimming-pool  2003bleu-2006-5 dawson_louisa_dumpster-pool-2

sea containers (things 18 wheelers and trains haul): 3022110_500x276 images (35)

cardboard pool: 

plywood & 4×4 lumber + tarp pool: 

Bill Murray swimming in a dumpster pool: 

Whatever object you use, you may want to coat it a time or two with a water-proof epoxy, and/or put a tarp in it.



You may also want to buy a pump/filter from Walmart, Academy Sports, etc.

These options may not be more practical or less expensive than traditional pools from the store…but if you or someone you know already has one of these items and some free time on your hands, you could be swimming in no time! 🙂

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Need a Fun Physical Challenge?

http://toughmudder.com (upcoming dates include: Boston, Oregon, Michigan, UK, Germany, Australia):

Tough-Mudder-Costume WTPAZ tough-log 002 tough1jpg-491d21ae442a818e_large size_550x415_untitled tough_mudder_mulligan_1 8102744164_22981f6a52_z

http://www.runforyourlives.com The Zombie Race (upcoming dates in Dallas, New Jersey, Indiana, Colorado):

zombie-marathon Run-For-Your-Lives-race-550x366 run-for-your-lives-3 run-for-your-lives-04 images (60)

http://www.ironwarriordash.com :

tl-horizontal_main (1) tl-horizontal_main g3r2Z XU8gK

http://www.spartanrace.com :

spartan 4 28122_619034353100_6908185_36737884_6798719_n 603654_10151358087561861_1574563673_n 796020_Spartan_Race_24643_t1000x600 Spartan-Race-web

http://muddybuddy.competitor.com/ (this one seems safe and easy enough for kids too):

20120930-IMG_39321 20120930-IMG_40341 20120930-LPR_47951